Do you know someone who struggles to properly care for his/her property?

Are you struggling to make good decisions for yourself?

The Probate Court in the town or city you live can help, acting on a petition, to appoint a conservator of his or her property.

The conservator is charged with ensuring that the person’s property is well managed.  The conservator works closely with and takes direction from the court.

ElderCare of RI can help.  We provide financial and eldercare services to the elderly and disabled individuals who are having difficulty with the financial issues facing them.  This may simply mean paying bills and reconciling the checkbook, serving as conservator, stopping financial abuse and exploitation, or the issues may be more complex.  At ElderCare of RI it is personal with us.  We learned from experience the need for compassion, understanding, and care for the elderly and disabled individuals.  We will work together with your legal representative, lawyer – attorney – or eldercare lawyer, to make certain that your financial challenges are met as we get older.

Our services include…

  • Paying bills
  • Depositing cash receipts
  • Submit claims to insurance companies
  • Income tax preparation and tax planning
  • Confirm accuracy of provider bills
  • Gift and estate tax planning
  • Stop exploitation and fraud
  • Serving as financial guardianship and conservator
  • Serving as executor, trustee, power of attorney
  • Consulting services – Medicare and Medicaid, insurance oversight, housing and support service needs, and trust and fiduciary planning
  • Assurance services – Review investments and trust activity, verify third-party calculations (such as pension, insurance, and other annuity payments), review financial transactions and test for adherence to established criteria.

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