Do you know an elderly or disabled person who needs someone to act as their guardian?

Do you know an elderly or disabled person who needs someone to oversee and help with their daily financial tasks?

Are you caring for an elderly parent or family member and it is becoming obvious you need assistance?


Guardianship is a practical way that allows another person to manage the affairs of an individual who is no longer able to make financial or health care decisions. It is most common in family situations involving a love one.

At ElderCare of RI we can help.  We have years of experience working with the elderly and the disabled who have physical and/or cognitive disabilities and need assistance with their financial decision making.  Many individuals and family members seek our services and resources for love ones who are overwhelmed by the financial  issues facing them.  Contact us today if you or an elderly or disabled person you know is in need of someone to help with daily financial tasks and decision making.

General responsibilities of a limited guardian or guardians.

  • To always exercise their authority in the best interest of the individual.
  • To manage the estate wisely, efficiently, prudently, and without waste.
  • Apply the income and profit of the estate to the necessary support and maintenance of the individual and their household.

The authority of a limited guardian or guardian is dictated by the limited guardianship order issued by the Court. The powers and duties of the guardian are typically written to allow the person who is partially incapacitated to participate as fully as possible in decisions affecting him or her.

At ElderCare of RI our experience and knowledge provide thoughtful decision making with the best interest of the individual in mind.  Our goal is to protect and preserve the financial resources of incapacitated elderly and/or the disabled. 

Our services include…

  • Paying bills
  • Depositing cash receipts
  • Submit claims to insurance companies
  • Income tax preparation and tax planning
  • Confirm accuracy of provider bills
  • Gift and estate tax planning
  • Stop exploitation and fraud
  • Serving as financial guardianship and conservator
  • Serving as executor, trustee, power of attorney
  • Consulting services – Medicare and Medicaid, insurance oversight, housing and support service needs, and trust and fiduciary planning
  • Assurance services – Review investments and trust activity, verify third-party calculations (such as pension, insurance, and other annuity payments), review financial transactions and test for adherence to established criteria.

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