Long-term care insurance

We help you with long term care planning to prepare you to meet the financial, medical, housing, and personal needs of a person who can no longer function independently.

Our experience and knowledge of long term care insurance will help you to understand this insurance policy that pays for many services, which can be very expensive, used by people who have disabilities or long-lasting illnesses.

The typical health insurance policy and Medicare generally do not pay for long term care expenses. Medicaid may pay for long term care only when an individual has little or no savings or other assets. Long term care insurance should cover the cost of:

  • Help in the home with daily activities, such as dressing and bathing.
  • Adult day care.
  • Assisted living services in qualified residential homes. Services may include meals, health monitoring, and help with daily activities.
  • Nursing home care

We can help you decide if long term care insurance is right for you?

  • Long term care insurance is not for everyone.
  • What is the cost?
  • When is the right time to buy?

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