Protecting assets by transfer

We understand that a fundamental rule to protect a loved one’s assets is to transfer those assets to someone else.

If assets are transferred there may be a period of time that needs to be established before a person becomes eligible for Medicaid. We offer many Medicaid asset protection services to both our elderly clients and elderlaw attorneys to assist both with the application of the transfer rules and the impact of how these rules may impact upon a client’s particular situation.

Key ElderCare Services

  • Financial, tax and routine bookkeeping services
  • Advanced planning
  • Long-term care insurance
  • Social security and veterans benefits
  • Medicare and Medicaid
  • Protecting assets
  • Bill paying
  • Receive and deposit cash receipts
  • Submit claims to insurance companies
  • Confirm accuracy of provider bills
  • Protect elderly from predators by controlling checkbook and other assets
  • Ensure expected revenues are received
  • Income tax planning and preparation
  • Prepare trust and gift tax returns
  • Estate tax planning and return preparation
  • Prepare employment tax returns for caregivers and household help
  • Evaluate alternative costs of housing
  • Review and analyze financial transactions and test for adherence to established criteria
  • Review investments and trust activity and test for adherence to established criteria
  • Verify third-party calculations, such as pension payments, insurance payments, and other annuity payments insurance planning

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